Bruce McConville: On Corruption, Change & Choice – Your vote is Critical

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The Citizen headlines say it all. “Do We think we can do better with a new mayor for Ottawa?” Points are made on What this election is all about.

All media facets decry a lack of impassioned and articulate debate in this campaign along with creative ideas propelled by worthy alternatives than our current mayor. It’s unanimous that a leader is needed at the helm who can unite council on a progressive agenda for our city. There’s Clive and a bunch of imminent also-rans. I am one of them, Bruce McConville, considered in a galactic third place of twelve wannabes.

I say bull that there is no real choice in who our next mayor should be. The first choice should be a choice of change, to reject Jim Watson. Then a choice to vote for me. I don’t have nearly the backing nor the experience of the incumbent nor the budget to outspend him on this campaign. I do have an abundance of what our mayor lacks, integrity and courage. I allege that he is corrupt. That is why I aim to replace him.

Jim maintains a cozy image in the public mindset of those who remain complacently uninformed or uninterested to invest any time in researching other candidates. Add in the fact that many constituents see voting as a waste of time and those who habitually don’t vote, won’t. It does look like smooth sailing to a clear victory for this despot. So much so that he chose to avoid most of the all candidate debates and block naysayers from social media. He is unwilling to face questions to defend his failed record on transit, job creation, tourism, affordable housing, community policing, homelessness and most importantly, city planning. It would be a shame to allow him to continue.

Mr. Doucet wants to retire. He and his family deserve it. I will give him and his mentor, Jane Jacobs, powerful impact in shaping how I will help you build this city. I am the right choice to lead Ottawa at this critical juncture. It is not too late to get the real change we need on Monday.

We have a majority of experienced and progressive councillors who will return to the table and intelligent replacements for those who won’t. All city employees including planning staff and emergency services personnel want to partner their expertise with us and do their jobs without interference. If we can truly appreciate our gifted teams we’ll be in good hands no matter who replaces Watson. His type of experience is no longer necessary or helpful to free Ottawa from the control he has given to developers and big interests. This is our city, not theirs and we must take it back for good and define our own vision. Our voice.

And yet the future of the city is at stake on so many fronts. That is what this election is all about. Can we build our city with intelligent teamwork while addressing our social deficits in a way that saves our tax dollars? You bet Ottawa can achieve this.

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Bruce McConville On CTV Morning Live: Ottawa’s Race For Mayor

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Here’s an interview I gave 0n CTV’s Morning Live.  It covers several of our City’s key issues.  Have a listen….

Candidates For Mayor Of Ottawa… You Decide…

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Here’s the link to the entire Interview For Ottawa Mayoral Candidates hosted by Roger’s TV.  Take a listen…and decide who you’re voting for.


Bruce McConville, Ottawa Mayoral Candidate, opposes Salvation Army Mega Shelter for Vanier.

Posted: Sat. 8 September 2018 Radio Canada Excerpt:


The controversial Salvation Army Homeless Shelter in Ottawa’s Vanier neighborhood is competing in the mayoral race. Outgoing mayor Jim Watson remains strong in his support for the shelter, while two of his key opponents advocate for different approaches that they believe will help address homelessness across Ottawa.

If you put a lot of homeless people in the same place, it’s a ghetto for a community , says Mayoral candidate, Bruce McConville, who is also a member of the SOS Vanier group.

McConville, like many other opponents of the 350-bed shelter, would like the City to adopt Housing First, which gives homeless people access to low-cost housing.

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