Bruce McConville Attends NowWhat? Debate In Ottawa


Ottawa Mayoral candidates squared off in a debate over gender-based issues. The debate was hosted by NowWhat? – an alliance formed to highlight gender-based violence. Organizations such as Ottawa Rape Crisis Centre and the City for All Women Initiative prepared questions for the debate.

Bruce McConville stated, “The preservation of one’s sense of belonging to a community should be at the forefront of the city’s vision. Urban planning without social equity is like playing chess without the queen. Poverty & homelessness are social & health concerns. They are also human and civil rights issues. I want to live in a city that recognizes this.  A city that makes building adequate social housing and alleviating homelessness a priority! For all genders! And nationalities”.

In response to a question about violence when travelling on public transit, he said, “He would introduce ‘safety strips’ along bus and transit routes to help people feel safer when travelling. The reintroduction of Community Policing would also alleviate many of these incidents”..”Our City also needs to show leadership in highlighting these issues to create more awareness amongst the general public.”

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