Bruce McConville’s People First Agenda: Where I Stand On The Big Issues

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Bruce McConville’s

People First Agenda



Fiscal Responsibility

  • Single most important issue within the City – our Budget

  • We need to get our BUDGET in order.  And our spending under control.

Income (Taxes) – Spending (Expenses) – Debt + Interest (Mortgage) = Surplus/Deficit

 Let’s not mortgage our future!

Building A Better Ottawa

My Planning Template 

•      Community Consultation Process

•      Use Community Design Plans as a basis.

•      How are people affected?

•      How is housing affected?

•      How are these points addressed in the proposal?

•      Stop Urban Sprawl

Increase Affordable Housing

• Inclusionary Zoning

• Designated Infill

• Use Existing Residential Stock

• Repurpose redundant properties

• Create A Micro Housing Industry

• Invite Public Participation

(Granny Suites, Basement Apartments, Spare Rooms, etc.)

• Lobby For More Funding From Provincial & Federal Governments

End Homelessness

• Fully Adopt Housing First

• Limit Emergency Shelters

• Introduce Needs Assessment Program

• Provide Support Programs Needed

• Eliminate clustering and segregation of Homeless Population

Keeping Our Streets Safe

• Ensure adequate resources to Police Force

• Reintroduce Community Policing

• Encourage Neighbourhood Watch Programs

• Establish Food Patrol

Efficient Public Transit

• Review Costs of LRT Delays

• Determine Realistic Start Date For Phase I LRT

• Review Phase II LRT

• Determine Phase III LRT

• Achieving an Efficient Bus System

A Greener Ottawa

My Environmental Template

• Protection of Our Green Canopy

• Tree Sustainability: Cut a tree. Plant A Tree.

• Include Environment Impact Assessment With Building Applications

• Public Education: The Three R’s

• Follow My Green Campaign Example: No lawn signs, no posters, minimal waste

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