Bruce McConville Wants To Stop Urban Sprawl in Ottawa

Le Droit Saturday 15 Sept. 2018 (English Translation by Google)

Bruce in Suit W Voters

Bruce McConville, a candidate for mayor of Ottawa promises to put the brakes on urban sprawl if he is elected in the municipal elections of October 22.

The territory of the City of Ottawa is huge. It encompasses all the cities of Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal, and development continues in the West as well as in the South and East.

“Our city is getting bigger, and so is our infrastructure. I am a mechanic, I am a renovator. We can not afford to maintain the streets, the water system, ” Bruce McConville told some 40 activists on Friday night at the official launch of his election campaign.

“Taxes collected with sprawl and development costs do not cover the costs to the city, and that’s a good part of our mortgage,” he added. Our city is getting too big, and we can not afford to maintain it. ”

Salvation Army

Mr. McConville is one of twelve candidates running for the position of Mayor of Ottawa. The man, who is notably opposed to outgoing mayor Jim Watson, has conceded two defeats as councilor in municipal elections in Vanier. He is well well known as coordinators of the SOS Vanier campaign against the bulding of the Salvation Army Mega Shelter in Vanier.

McConville prefers to focus on affordable housing to try to solve homelessness issues.

“If we continue in this direction (Salvation Army), the mistake will be too big to be corrected, and Vanier’s prosperity will be lost for the next hundred years,” warned McConville, who accused the current municipal administration of finalizing files behind closed doors without proper transparency.

As for the light rail project whose date of commissioning was again postponed this week, the businessman is very critical of the Watson administration.  “The delay, in my opinion, is one of the most important failures at City Hall. We were promised a train on time and on budget, with a guarantee of a penalty of $ 1 million a day for the consortium if it missed the schedule. But we were not told that there was a  ‘Get out of jail ree’ card at the bottom of the contract. If the consortium advised that it was going to be late before the due date, the penalty no longer applied. I can not believe it, “said McConville.

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