My Recipe For Ottawa’s Success

By Bruce McConville

There are 3 key elements which are imperative in achieving the goal of having a thriving, successful city. The intersection between built space & human scale must address 3 key planning principles:

1-A Flourishing Environment

2-A Vibrant & Just Society

3-A Prosperous Economy

Continually striving to improve and perfect these 3 elements is the exact recipe needed for any modern capital city to flourish. It’s crucial that we implement and follow these goals now.

Ottawa is heading into an unprecedented economic period of growth and opportunity. It is essential that we put into place a plan that will reshape our future as a truly great city; a city which encompasses everyone who calls Ottawa their home. The time to achieve this new urban ethic is now.

We need a Mayor who does not favour big interests over the voices of individuals or community groups. We need a Mayor who is not beholden to those big interests and is unable to govern freely without facing the consequences of political cronyism. We need a Mayor who is free of those old political loyalties and encumbrances. That is precisely the kind of Mayor and system we have now and time and again, they fail the people of Ottawa.

We need a Mayor who is ready and capable of guiding our next city council through this essential process using these 3 key elements. We need inclusive leadership and transparency. I have been proactively involved with many community groups within Ottawa over the years and I too am tired of having to fight city hall.

With your vote, I will bring back a strong community voice within city hall’s planning process – a real grassroots voice in shaping what happens in our neighbourhoods and our city.

As your next mayor I will provide leadership that is open, transparent and welcoming to everyone. I intend to fulfill that role as your Mayor- in partnership with you.

Vote Bruce McConville For Mayor – It’s critical!

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